Sentry Cooling Water Analysis Panels

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Sentry Cooling Water Analysis Panels are fully integrated sample-analysis packages for cooling and circulating water systems. The water sampling is part of the system and analyzes the water quality in line. These systems provide samples representative of the actual fluid condition to the analyzers, which significantly simplifies installation, operation, and maintenance.

The panels contain a fully integrated sampling system, a feature that enables your cooling water or recirculating water systems to provide a representative sample at any point during operation. In addition to integrating the water analyzers with the water system, the panel design offers a simple, turnkey installation to upgrade your water sampling speed rapidly. Connect your sample inlet, power, and drain interfaces with the panel to operate the integrated analyzers. Once lines are connected, you are ready to assess the required samples in a central location.

Sentry cooling water panels come in standard or custom configurations to create your ideal sampling approach. The panels also offer optional enclosures for added safety. The sampling approach and panel design configuration are tailored to the application’s requirements.


Sentry cooling water panels come in a variety of configurations to create custom sampling systems. Both freestanding and wall-mounted racks are available with the following features:


  • Water analyzers integrated with the panels
  • Analysis reports levels of chlorine, pH, conductivity, oxidation reduction potential, turbidity, and total organic carbon
  • In-operation (grab) sampling capability with built-in sink to assess metal levels in water
  • Complete mechanical and electrical specifications
  • Design-specific cutoffs for pressure, flow, and temperature limits
  • Complete sampling system with analyzers and fluid conditioning on the same rack
  • Freestanding floor rack can be used to mount analysis equipment or for compact storage
  • Portable systems available
  • Customizable options include:
    • Multiple analysis or standalone panels
    • Shelf for portable lab analyzers (for use in grab sampling)
    • Blowdown function
    • Enclosure ratings: IP65, NEMA4, or NEMA4X
    • Vortex cooling
    • Heated cabinets
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Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X, IP 65

Single Line Conditioning Modules

Simplify the conditioning of steam, water, or non-hazardous process samples. Single conditioning modules provide signal conditioning for many types of signals. This improves the overall sampling process. There are fully integrated sample analysis packages for water, degassed cation conductivity, and steam available through Sentry Equipment.

If you have any questions about the right single-line conditioning module for your desired application, please contact our team of engineers for more information. Sentry Equipment has industry-leading service and support for our clients through our technical support team.


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