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Portable corrosion product monitor for integrated sampling of corrosion products in water samples. The corrosion products sampler is a stand-alone device for collecting and eventual quantifying of particulate and ionic matter (corrosion products) circulating in the secondary piping of nuclear power plants and condensate/feedwater systems of fossil-fueled plants.

Purpose of Corrosion Products Sampler:

  • Locate and identify cause / source of corrosion products, such as iron or copper
  • Quantify rate of corrosion
  • Track the path of corrosion products
  • Measure effectiveness of chemical treatment

Major components include an easy-to-use, high pressure filter holder capable of containing a particulate filter, plus a combination of cation and anion filters, and a digital totalizing meter designed for high accuracy at very low flow rates. The unit can run either on AC power or remotely with an optional three-month capacity battery. When the unit is plugged into an AC outlet, the battery is charged. The standard CPS is designed for portability so it easily can be moved around the plant to conduct studies of corrosion product generation and transport within the system.


  • New - electronic totalizer allows reset to zero
  • Easy-to-use filter holder - no bolts, no tools required
  • Anion and cation analysis using anion and cation filters
  • Particulate, anion, and cation sampling all at the same time
  • Options for sample cooling and sample bypass to achieve turbulent velocities
  • AC or stand-alone battery operated
More Information
Max. Flow Rate (cc/min) 500
Max Process Pressure 2850 psig (197 barg)
Flow Rate 50-500 cc/min
Wetted Materials 316 SS, Viton, PFTE
Input Power 90-264 Vac, 47-63 Hz, 10 A maximum
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