Sentry Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger

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Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger

A spiral tube heat exchanger is a coil assembly fitted in a compact shell that optimizes heat transfer efficiency and space. Every Sentry spiral assembly has welded tube to manifold joints for durability and strength. The coil assembly is welded to a head and fitted in a compact shell. The spaces or gaps between the coils of the spiral tube bundle become the shell side flow path.

The profile of a spiral is compact and fits in a smaller footprint than a shell and tube design. Since the tube bundle is coiled, space requirements for tube bundle removal are significantly reduced.

When exotic material is required, a spiral tube heat exchanger minimizes the material used since manifolds replace the channels, heads and tubesheets of a conventional shell and tube design. The shell side is usually smaller than a comparable shell and tube design and there are no requirements for tube supports or pass dividers.

ASME Stamped on request.


  • Optimal design for corrosive fluid/ gases
  • Vapor condensing/gas stripping capabilities
  • Highly resistant to thermal and hydraulic shock
  • Numerous flow path and connection configurations
  • Compact and lightweight; easy to install
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Shell Material Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
Tube Material Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel
Shell Pressure 150 psig at 400°F (10 barg at 204°C)
Tube Pressure 5000 psig at 1000°F (345 barg at 538°C)
Heat Transfer Area 1.0 ft² to 177 ft² (0.1 m² to 16 m²)
Standards ASME Stamped
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