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Sentry DTC (dual tube coil) tube-in-tube heat exchangers are spirally wound, full counter flow heat exchangers well suited for a variety of applications where low flow rates of high temperature and/or high pressure fluids need cooling or heating. The sturdy tube-within-a-tube concept uses heavy duty terminal fittings to provide for a plain tube end interface for the inner tube, and a compression connection for the outer tube.

The plain end of the inner tube is easily adapted to a variety of connections including compression, threaded, socket weld, sanitary clamp and many more. The tube-within-a-tube design also provides for high pressure/temperature capabilities on both sides of the heat exchanger, providing greater application flexibility. The single continuous inner tube increases reliability and cleanliness and allows the unit to be completely drainable.


  • Fully drainable inner and outer coil
  • Spiral wound for maximum counterflow efficiency
  • Constant fluid velocity
  • No dead spots or crevices
  • Excellent for multi-phase/multicomponent fluids and slurries
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Heat Exchangers 101

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Many applications require effective and efficient heat control. Sentry's equipment engineers have developed heat exchangers that meet this need. Our dual heat exchanges and SC Boiler Blowdown System recover up to 90% of heat lost during blowdowns, helping regulate and keep accurate temperatures across all applications.

If you have any questions or need expert assistance selecting the suitable heat exchanger for your application, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team with any questions or request a quote.

Tube-in-tube or spirally wound, find the right heat exchanger for your application.


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