ProShield Plant Service

ProShield Plant Service

Beyond Maintenance Professionals

From day-to-day projects to big picture plans, you have enough to worry about. Your processes shouldn’t be one of them.

Sentry ProShield Plant Services provides your personnel with technical support from experienced specialists to maximize up-time, ensure personnel safety and increase the life expectancy of your equipment. 

From our parts (2- or 4- products) to complete system overhaul, our highly-trained service technicians are there throughout every step of your product’s lifecycle – from installation of new equipment to replacement and retrofits of outdated equipment. Confidently keep your sampling processes and equipment running with a Sentry ProShield Service partnership.

Safe, Efficient Product Installation

Startup & Installation

Startup & Installation

Maximize accuracy and ensure confidence in your measurements with startup and installation services. Our technicians will ensure your brand new equipment is properly setup and calibrated, regardless of brand. 

Sentry's holistic, iterative focus on your unique processes and not the product brand, ensures that your operators are properly trained on the intricacies of the system and your equipment is adequately prepared for startup and performance. This approach ensures that your startup and operation is minimally impacted and yields expected results. 

Technical Troubleshooting

Technical Troubleshooting

Uptime is critical to your operations and our technical team knows this. From immediate service to technical expertise, our Proshield plant team can help you get back up and running in no time. We strive to maintain our 98% uptime goal and 24 emergency response time by providing our customers with specialized solutions to your toughest issues. 

Sentry's technical team backs their support with training available to our customers. Whether your team is onsite or at our facility, each technician is capable of providing hands on training and consulting for future self-sufficiency backed by safety standards. 

Proactive Maintenance

Keep your sampling systems at peak operating performance with regular preventative maintenance from highly trained technicians. From a simple supplement to your current process to a fully comprehensive service partnership, our experts immerse themselves in your operational standards to maximize your equipment’s life and uptime.

Rapid Response Maintenance

Unscheduled breakdowns happen. Make sure you receive the repairs you need quickly with our reactive service technical expertise. Our technicians will get your equipment back up and running swiftly to reduce the impact of unexpected downtime.

Unique Solutions

Go beyond standard application repairs with a unique solution to fit your needs. From installing pneumatic pumps to building shelters on site, our experienced technicians will work with you to develop out-of-the-box resolutions to ensure your systems are running at peak efficiency.

Training & Consulting

Empower your employees to become sampling experts with customized, hands-on training complete with a full set of manuals for ongoing reference. With training options at Sentry Equipment or at your location, the insight gleaned will ensure that safety guidelines are followed, and your system is meeting your process specifications.

Experience You Can Trust

With 100 years of thinking outside of the box, your team can trust that our maintenance and support professionals will help you get up and running quickly and efficiently. Learn more about our expertise and extensive knowledge by utilizing the resources below. 

Technical Troubleshooting

Technical Troubleshooting

When your sampling equipment or processes fail, our technical team is available by phone at 1-262-567-7256 or visit our warranty page to help quickly get your equipment back online.