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SPL-028-13-6492: Cobra Cap & Septa | 8 oz or 16 oz

Part #

Cobra Bottle Cap with Integral Septa for 8 oz or 16 oz bottles. Each order quantity of 1 contains 1000 caps.

  • The caps and septa are bonded at the molecular level (adhesive free)
  • The septa will not bend, wrinkle or sink into the bottle
  • Proper placement of septa is no longer a concern
  • They withstand multiple injections & sterilizations
  • They re-seal excellently
  • Suitable for cleaning cycles
  • Significant bond strength
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Low bleed
  • Cost effective and available in a variety of sizes
More Information
Materials PTFE coated Silicone Septums
Size 8 oz (200ml) sample bottle
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