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Sentry SWAS

The Sentry custom-engineered steam and water analysis systems (SWAS) meet the most demanding and unique customer requirements for leading energy companies worldwide. Our sample panel systems provide the real-time data and critical insights needed to control and optimize water chemistry. From sample conditioning to analysis, we enable leading energy companies to develop higher performing, safer processes and output while protecting their assets, operators and the environment.

Sample panel designs are based on EPRI guidelines and over 90 years of experience to create the system that is right for custom needs.

  • Custom engineered to specifications

  • Sample conditioning automation options

  • Multi-vendor online analyzer integration

  • Advanced operator ergonomics

  • International certifications

  • Extended 18 month warranty

  • Systems comply with EPRI, ASME, ASTM, IAPWS and VGB guidance

Standard Features

  • Sensors mounted on front of panel over sink for ease of calibration and maintenance

  • Recessed wireway located along front of panel with stainless steel cover plate to simplify probe replacement

  • Easy access to resin columns reduces refill time

  • All sample conditioning components are designed to work with each other and are manufactured in-house

Optional Features for Custom Solutions

  • Sample sequencing to reduce the number of required analyzers

  • Thermal shut-off valve to protect operator and instrumentation

  • High pressure or low pressure blowdown

  • Recovery pump and tank to recover samples

  • Sludge traps or filters to collect impurities

  • Temperature Control Units for precise 77º F (25º C) sample

  • Cooling water isolation skids to prevent poor quality cooling water from plugging sampling components

  • Cooling water mixing skids to achieve precise temperature control without refrigeration when clean, cool water is available

  • Sample Sentry II automated sample conditioning system provides fully automatic startup (including blowdown), flow control, and shut down

  • Customized shelters are available for sampling equipment protection

  • Systems comply with EPRI, ASME, ASTM, IAPWS and VGB guidance

9 Mistakes To Avoid In Your SWAS Specs

9 Mistakes To Avoid In Your SWAS Specs

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