Sentry MVS Manual Valve Sampler

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Sentry MVS Sampler

The Sentry MVS manual low emission sampler is ideal for sampling liquid and slurry material in refining, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear applications without emissions to the atmosphere or exposure to the operator. Dead volume is minimized by using a specifically designed close-coupled ball valve.

For nuclear applications, the Sentry MVS sampler normally is used to collect primary side (RCS) samples for laboratory analysis. However, it also can be used to collect samples on secondary side (PWR) or turbine building side (BWR).


  • Non-coring needle design improves septum integrity
  • Spring-loaded (deadman's) shut-off handle helps to protect against overfilling
  • Separate fill and vent needles reliably vent vapors
  • Simple needle assembly replacement does not require replacing valve or disconnecting piping/tubing
  • Variety of sizes and configurations to meet various application needs
  • Close-coupled ball valve is specifically designed to minimize dead volume
More Information
Maximum Process Pressure 2200 psig at 100°F (150 barg at 38°C)
Process Temperature 450°F at 100 psig (232°C at 7 barg)
Wetted Materials 316 SS, PTFE, (Viton or Kalrez)
Container Type Bottle
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