Sentry MVD Manual Speed Loop Sampler

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Sentry MVD Sampler

The Sentry MVD manual low emission sampler is ideal for sampling liquids in a closed loop in refining, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear applications without emissions or exposure to the operator. The double block valve configuration assures an extra degree of safety for operators, minimizing dead volume with its unique patented design. The speed loop guarantees representative sample availability at the valve at all times.

For nuclear applications, the Sentry MVD sampler normally is used to collect primary side (RCS) samples for laboratory analysis. However, it also can be used to collect samples on secondary side (PWR) or turbine building side (BWR).


  • Combination 3-way and 2-way ball valve gives low dead volume with double block safety and security
  • Double block valve gives built in speed loop capability
  • Non-coring side discharge needles allow complete resealing of the septum when the bottle is withdrawn from the sampler
  • One piece process and vent needle assembly is replaceable without sampler disassembly
  • Highly resistant to thermal and pressure shock
  • Wide variety of bottle, septum and needle/tube stub arrangements and sizes
  • Options include: panel-mounted valves for floor-standing or wall-mounted installations; special elastomers; NPT, SW, and metric connections; 1/2-inch valved units; isolation valves; coolers
More Information
Maximum Process Pressure 1000 psig at 250°F (69 barg at 122°C)
Process Temperature 450°F at 100 psig (232°C at 7 barg)
Wetted Materials 316 SS, PTFE, (Viton or Kalrez)
Container Type Bottle
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