Sentry SA Automatic Cross-Cut Sampler

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Sentry SA

The Sentry Model SA sampler takes a cross-cut sample of free-flowing materials from vertical spouts and chutes. The SA takes a sample when a solenoid-controlled pneumatic rotary actuator swings a pelican type diverter on an arc across the entire product flow. The diverter captures a sample then discharges it through the pelican tube. The discharge tube is on the axis of rotation and is parallel to the material flow. The diverter is under a dust seal when at rest, keeping the fines from flowing into the diverter. The sampler is controlled by a Sentry automatic control system, allowing the operator to program the time between samples.

With representative sampling, characteristics of each sample match that of the entire lot or batch – so samples are repeatable, leading to accurate sample analysis data. Automatic sampling ensures a sample can be easily and safely obtained with no need for direct human interface or interference. This ensures sample integrity as well as operator safety.

Suitable for: Pellets, powders, flakes, granules, grain, and seed


  • USDA, Canadian Grain, FGIS, and NOPA approved design
  • Operates under a few inches w.g. (+/-) pressure which makes it dust and vapor-resistant to working areas
  • Available with air or electric actuation
  • Electrical option includes AC TEFC motor; DC and explosion-proof options available
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Optional materials available
  • Controllers and remote operating modules available in a variety of configurations
  • Available in a model that is conformant to ATEX Standards (through third party verification)
More Information
Materials 300 series stainless, Aluminum Cylinder, Kevlar, White Nitrile
Particle Size 10 μm - ¼" (6 mm); larger sizes upon request
Process Temperature -20°F to 180°F (-29°C to 82°C)
Maximum Process Pressure ATM
Instrument Air Required 60 to 80 psi, 282 in³ per stroke
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Guide to Representative Sampling

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