Sentry MIL Manual In-line Sampler

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Sentry MIL Sampler

The Sentry manual inline sampler is an ideal oil and gas solution for sampling liquids in processes that require little interruption. The sampler can be used in refinery processes, chemical applications, petroleum sampling equipment and the nuclear industry.

This low-emission sampler limits exposure to the downstream oil and gas operator. It also assists in following environmental regulations and maximizing a representative sample.

The sampler's unique features include a close-coupled ball valve. This valve provides a low "dead volume" in the sample flow. A low dead volume ensures samples from flowing process lines are accurate at pressures up to 2200 psi (150 bar). Higher temperatures will require a lower pressure, however. 

This direct liquid sampling equipment can sample liquids and light mixtures in pipes and process lines throughout petroleum sampling equipment, chemical applications and oil and gas processes. The variety of available connections, needle assembly, and bottle sizes allows consumers to customize the manual inline sampler to meet their application needs. 

Alternatively, nuclear applications require a different approach. Sampling within nuclear power plant applications occurs in one of three locations:  

  1. The reaction control system (RCS) for laboratory analysis (Primary side)
  2. Pressurized water reactor (PWR) for nuclear power (Secondary side)
  3. Boiling water reactor (BWR) for electrical power (Turbine building side)

The sampler does not reduce the inlet fluid pressure significantly, regardless of the application. Having a low-pressure drop allows you to operate at a lower inlet pressure. Additionally, no valve stems or other components pass through the sampler. This design ensures maximum safety in your oil and gas equipment.


  • The sampler comes with various end connections: compression, flanged, or national pipe tapered (NPT)
  • The equipment is designed to provide low dead volume for better accuracy. It also has an optional nitrogen purge to clean out the lines following the collection of a sample
  • The interfaces have a needle or tube stub sample bottle
  • A spring return safety valve is included in the sampler for safety. A return safety handle is also included. 
More Information
Maximum Process Pressure 2200 psig at 100°F (150 barg at 38°C)
Process Temperature 450°F at 100 psig (232°C at 7 barg)
Wetted Materials 316 SS, PTFE, (Viton or Kalrez)
Container Type Bottle
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