Sentry MFV Manual Fixed Volume Sampler

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Sentry MFV Sampler
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The Sentry MFV manual low emission sampler is ideal for sampling fixed volumes of liquid and slurry material. Two zero dead volume three-way valves are controlled via an external gear box that initiates multiple valve positions with one lever.

The Sentry MFV sampler provides representative samples while protecting the safety of operators and the environment. The sampler easily provides multiple functions with each manipulation of the valve handle. This design provides for safe, simple and accurate sampling. Compared to other samplers, the design also allows for quick change of the fixed volume assembly to other volume sizes without repiping or changing the sampling valve.

Collect a known volume of sample with safety and accuracy. Never overfill the sample bottle or waste process fluid with a fixed volume sampler.


  • Single action design for maximum safety and simplicity
  • Needle or tube stub sample bottle interface
  • Needle assemblies can quickly be removed to replace with smaller, larger or the same size needles
  • Vent to carbon canister, waste/flare header, or other recovery system
  • Pre and post purging of isolated sample loop in each cycle
  • Process loop always isolated from sampler for added protection
  • Precise sample size eliminates waste and potential for overfilling
  • Easily change to a smaller or larger fixed volume size
More Information
Maximum Process Pressure 1800 psig at 100°F (124 barg at 38°C)
Process Temperature 300°F at 1230 psig (149°C at 85 barg)
Wetted Materials 316 SS, PTFE, (Viton or Kalrez)
Container Type Bottle
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