Sentry MCG Manual Closed Loop Sampler

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Sentry MCG Sampler

The Sentry MCG sampler is a closed-loop sampler for sampling gas. Closed-loop cylinder sampling is the safest and most effective way to obtain and transport representative samples of gases without danger to the operator or environment. A continuous flow assures representative sampling.

By purging the sample path and the sample panel during each sample cycle, the MCG manual low emission sampler assures a representative sample within the cylinder. Purging the sample panel after the sample is secured provides for maximum operator safety and minimum loss of sample vapors to the environment.


  • Flow-through design assures representative sample
  • Tandem switching valve integrates multiple functions into one device
  • Self-sealing quick disconnects for easy removal and transportation of sample cylinder
  • Ergonomic design reduces turning torque and eliminates repetitive wrist action
  • Variety of configurations to meet any gas sampling need
  • Options include sample cooler, in-line filter, cooling water valves, carbon canister, check valves, nitrogen purge, flow indicator, cylinder relief valve, rupture disc, pipe stand, heater, and enclosures
More Information
Maximum Process Pressure 1800 psig at 100°F (124 barg at 38°C)
Process Temperature 300°F at 1230 psig (149°C at 85 barg)
Wetted Materials 316 SS, PTFE, (Viton or Kalrez)
Container Type Cylinder
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