Sentry ISOLOK SAB Automatic Fixed Volume Sampler

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The Sentry ISOLOK SAB automatic point sampler is a larger capacity sampler that provides representative samples of liquids and slurries such as waste acid, resin bead slurry, bauxite mud and raw municipal sludge. The ISOLOK SAB sampler operates when compressed air forces the plunger into the process line to capture a fixed volume of material. Compressed air then acts on the opposite side of the piston to retract the plunger to a position which allows the sample to drop by gravity into a container.

The Sentry ISOLOK SAB sampler seal design isolates the operator from the process at all times, with the sample captured in the container "locked out" from external influences. Metal parts of the sampler are made of 316 stainless steel; other alloys are available for varied applications and process conditions. Process contact seals are filled Teflon for chemical applications or wear-resistant elastomers for abrasive slurries. Modular components allow selection of various bodies and plungers to meet different process applications.


  • 10 cc or 25 cc sample volume per cycle
  • Only one moving part for sample capture
  • Minimizes fugitive emissions
  • ATEX-compliant models available
  • Rugged 316 stainless steel construction
  • Specialized alloys and seals available on request
  • Process pressure vacuum to 300 psig (21 barg)
  • Controllers and remote operating modules available in a variety of configurations
  • Options include port closures, different container types, sampler enclosures (with or without heater), sample heating or refrigeration, and optional materials of construction and seal choices
More Information
Sample Volume 10 cc or 25 cc
Max Process Pressure 300 psig (21 barg)
Process Temperature 500°F (260°C)
Wetted Materials 316 SS
Seal Material FKM / PTFE
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