Sentry ISOLOK RSS Sampler

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The Sentry ISOLOK RSS point sampler provides automated sampling of radioactive slurries from the safety of a remote operator station. Upon operator signal, a sample bottle is lifted into position, and the sampler operates by compressed air forcing a plunger into the process line to capture a fixed volume of material. The plunger retracts and sample is flushed into the bottle. The sample bottle then is lowered into a lead cask. The shielded cask cover rotates closed and the mobile transport cart then can be removed.

The ISOLOK RSS sampler ensures the utmost safety and protection of nuclear plant operators as well as other personnel and the environment. It features remotely operated push button sampling and a mobile sample transport cart with braking system.


  • Lead filled cask design for dose rate of approximately 10 mrem per hour with a 1.0 curie sample taken—cask size varies based on application, isotopic inventory, and total activity captured
  • Robust structure with optional seismic calculations
  • PLC monitor with visual alarms
  • Bottle carrier with self-actuated shielded cover and pneumatic bottle carrier lift
  • Radiation resistive components with optional material traceability report
  • Adjustable sample and flush volumes
  • Low-maintenance design
More Information
Sample Volume 10 cc or 25 cc
Max Process Pressure 300 psig (21 barg)
Process Temperature 575°F (302°C)
Wetted Materials 316 SS and Buna-N
Process Viscosity 150000 cP
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