Sentry DS-3 Automatic Point Sampler

Part #
Model DS-3

The Sentry DS-3 sampler is a heavy-duty point sampler that automates sampling of materials such as grains from conveyors. The DS-3 unit mounts at any convenient point along the conveyor, using heavy, bridge-type supports (included). Controls and discharge can be assembled to accommodate access from the right or the left side of the conveyor.

The Sentry DS-3 sampler mounts using heavy, bridge-type supports. The sampler controller and discharge can be assembled to accommodate access from the right or left side of the conveyor. Arm speed is adjustable to suit belt speeds up to 900 FPM. The arm moves at a slightly faster speed in the same direction as the conveyor belt, collecting a sample without disrupting material.

The arm drive system is a rugged worm gear reducer in combination with a variable speed motor drive, which produces a wide range of flexibility in matching arm speed to the speed of the conveyor belt. Cycle rates are adjustable to sample at a maximum frequency of twice per minute.


  • Provides a contemporary sample from a moving conveyor belt via conical sweeping motion in the direction of product flow
  • Various sample volumes available
  • Hinged inspection doors interlock to prevent arm rotation if open
  • Controllers and remote operating modules available in a variety of configurations 
  • Heavy-duter frame and drive components
  • Precycle warning signals for operator safety
  • NEMA 4 enclosure for sampler controller for dust and weather protection
More Information
Materials 300 series stainless, Carbon Steel, Neoprene
Particle Size 2 in (50 mm)
Motor 3/4 HP Brakemotor
Input Power 230/460 Vac, 3ph, 50/60 Hz
Maximum Process Pressure ATM
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