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Sentry CoolantLoop

By removing fluid from dirty sumps regularly, coolant recycling systems ensure you remove coolant contamination efficiently and effectively.

SmartSkim CoolantLoop Coolant Recycling Systems incorporate skimming and coalescing technology to capture and separate contaminated oils from your machining coolants accurately. This is due to its filterloop process that removes solids down to 1-10 microns.

The CoolantLoop is versatile for your operations as it can be used with virtually any coolant while eliminating fluid stagnation. Each process tank is reinforced, welded, and has a powder-coated exterior to ensure equipment longevity.

Further benefits can be found in operation, installation, and maintenance as our coolant recycling systems require little worker interaction. This is due to standard filtration housing and a steel floating suction skimmer for process automation and limited employee cleaning. However, a total system cleaning once per year is still recommended.

SmartSkim’s coolant recycling machine ensures reliable, continuous recirculation without splitting weak emulsions or removing necessary additive packages – maximizing your return on investment.


  • Reduces the cost of new coolant concentrate purchases by 35% to 65%
  • Cut your cost of dirty coolant disposal by 50% to 90%
  • Better control of coolant concentration levels
  • Improve machine tool cleanliness, tool life, and reduce misting
  • Eliminate environmental risks and the liability of off-site disposal


  • Dual compartment processing tank allows for dirty coolant storage and a constant clean coolant supply

  • Floating suction skimmers are included for the most effective skimming of tramp oils

  • Oil separators and filters ensure efficient separation of oils and particulates

  • Ozone generation via Corona Discharge Technology and microbubbles keep the system clear of bacteria and odor

  • The air-operated diaphragm pumps provide ease of maintenance and minimal air consumption

Technical Requirements

  • 30 PSI clean, dry plant air. 
  • 3/4" NPT water line at 40 PSI for coolant makeup proportioner
  • 120V plug for Ozonator (240V available upon request)
  • Periodic cleaning as needed depending on contamination loading, the coolant used, etc. 
More Information
Input Power 120V
Instrument Air Required 30 psi (2.07 bar); air consumption <15 scfm
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