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Cooling Water Isolation Skid

Model CWIS

Minimize sample cooler fouling and temperature variability of open-loop cooling water by using a closed-loop Cooling Water Isolation Skid.


Heat from the sample cooler is removed by a loop of clean recirculating water, eliminating scaling and fouling of the sample coolers. This loop is cooled by the plant service water via a plate and frame heat exchanger. The plate exchanger provides a protective barrier between the plant service water and the sample coolers. The plant service water is not exposed to the high temperature of the sample cooler (preventing scaling in the plate exchanger), and if silt or organic matter fouls the plate exchanger, it easily can be cleaned. Also, the pump provides adequate head pressure in the clean loop, which ensures cooling water supply to the sample coolers.

The temperature of the clean recirculating water loop is held constant. A diverter valve allows some of the warm flow of the clean loop to bypass the plate exchanger and later mix with the cooled flow to maintain an adjustable preset temperature. Constant clean loop temperature greatly enhances analyzer accuracy by eliminating excursions of the sample temperature. This also allows flow on the plant service water loop to be maintained at a high level to minimize fouling.


  • Eliminate problems associated with high silt, hardness, chlorides, and micro-biological aquatic life by isolating a closed cooling loop to your sample coolers or other equipment
  • Maximize sample cooler efficiency and life
  • Packaged system with numerous sizes and options including redundant heat exchangers or pumps

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CWIS Cooling Water Skid

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