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Sample Conditioning

Find everything you need to condition a sample for pressure, temperature and/or flow rate. Select sample coolers, heat exchangers, thermal protection valves and much more based on your process environment.

Sample Coolers

Configure a helical coil sample cooler to efficiency and effectively cool your liquid and slurry samples.

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Heat Exchangers

From spiral tube, tube-in-tube or a full boiler blowdown system, select the right heat exchanger for your application and configure it to your specifications.

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Cation Exchange Resin Columns

Refillable columns make the replacement of ion exchange resin easy and economical.

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Magnetic Trap

Isolate magnetite particulates to protect your steam and water sample conditioning and analytical instruments from critical downtime and costly repairs.

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Pressure Conditioning

Manage extreme sample pressures with adjustable control valves and back pressure relief valves.

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Sample Conditioning Automation

Add automation to your steam & water analysis system with automated flow controllers, sample sequencers and more.

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Single Line Conditioning Modules

Condition and collect a sample from a single location with a fully assembled grab sample panel.

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Thermal Protection Valves

Protect operators, analytical instruments and sampling components from high temperatures with shutoff valves.

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Sample Chillers

Closely control your sample temperatures with a water- or air-cooled sample chiller.

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Cooling Water Skids

Maintain a constant sample temperature in your cooling water loop and sample coolers with a water mixing skid.

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