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Corrosion Monitoring Accessories

Sentry® Saf-T-Vise® products offers a range of accessories to assist with corrosion monitoring and chemical optimization of pipelines and other systems. Sentry Saf-T-Vise accessories and other items available include the following:

Fixed Corrosion Coupon Holders

Sentry offers fixed corrosion coupon holders for systems that can be depressurized. Fixed corrosion coupon holders are offered in threaded connections to 2 in NPT. Flanged versions to 2-1/16 in API 10000 also are offered. Fixed corrosion coupon holders can accommodate single rod and flat corrosion coupons. Multiple rod and disk corrosion coupons are available on application as well.

The standard material for fixed corrosion coupon holders is 316 SS. Carbon steel and other alloys are available.

Fluid Inlet Assembly

Sentry Saf-T-Vise offers a fluid inlet assembly that can be used on any Sentry chemical injection & sample quills and chemical injection atomizers. The fluid inlet assembly is fully assembled, tested and ready for a customer to hook their line to it.

  • Liquid-filled pressure gauge with 316 SS internal parts, and offered in 0-5000 psi (345 bar), 0-3000 psi (207 bar) or 0-2000 psi (138 bar) ranges
  • 316 SS fluid inlet check valve
  • 316 SS fluid inlet isolation valve
  • 50 micron filter with 316 SS housing available for atomizer applications to reduce nozzle plugging

Adapters for Access Fitting Connections

Sentry offers a choice of adapters to allow an access fitting connection to be converted to allow use of a Sentry tool holder product.

Internal Adapter for Access Fitting

The internal access fitting adapter screws inside the access fitting. The adapter includes an elastomeric o-ring seal and a PTFE seat. A valve then is placed on the 1 in NPT male threads of the adapter that extends above the access fitting. The system must be pressure-free for installation.

External Access Fitting

The external access fitting adapter screws on the outside of the access fitting. A PTFE o-ring seal is included. Four (4) set screws are included to ensure the fitting is secured in place. A valve then is places on the male threads of the adapter that extends above the access fitting. The adapter is available with either 1 in or 2 in NPT male connections for the isolation valve. The adapter can be backwelded if desired.

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