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Corrosion Coupon Holders

Metal corrosion is inevitable, and has the potential to cause catastrophic pipeline and assets failure, damaging the environment and communities, injuring field operators, and causing costly downtime and waste in productivity. However, corrosion is easy to measure.

How Corrosion Coupon Holders Work

A weighed sample – called a coupon – of the metal or alloy being measured is introduced into the pipeline and later removed after a set time interval. The coupon then is cleaned of all corrosion residue and reweighed. The weight loss is converted to a corrosion rate (CR) or metal loss (ML) rate. This process can help identify where, what kind, at what rate and why corrosion is occurring.

Fortunately, this method simply requires an appropriately shaped coupon, a coupon holder, and a reliable means of removing the corrosion residue without disrupting the metal substrate. Coupons are an effective and inexpensive monitoring method for gauging the internal corrosion rate of pipelines, processing equipment and storage vessels.

Optimal Corrosion Monitoring

Sentry corrosion coupon holders are insertable and retractable to allow systems to be monitored while under normal operating conditions. The coupon can be removed safely without venting or draining of the process product, so there is no system downtime. With our corrosion monitoring tools, you can carry out best practices for corrosion monitoring and ensure your systems continue to operate at optimal capacity and help you:

  • Determine whether you need to maintain or replace equipment,
  • Help prevent catastrophic leaks and system failures
  • Extend equipment and asset life
  • Save your company money

Our corrosion coupon holders can accommodate flat rectangular, EM, rod, disk and flush style coupons. Plus, a sample probe, quill or drip pot assembly can be incorporated to collect samples of the process product at the same point where the coupon is staged.

Sentry Saf-T-Vise corrosion coupon holders include the following models:


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