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The History of Sentry® Equipment Corp

Sentry began in 1924 as The Henszey Company, a primary supplier to The Carnation Company who was in need of dairy/power plant components and milk evaporators. In 1959, The Henszey Company changed its name to Sentry Equipment Corp where it restructured and focused its efforts toward sampling products and specialty heat exchangers for the power generation industry. This effort not only led to expansion in other industries, but was also key to engineering and manufacturing complete systems used to sample steam and continually monitor water pH; two very important elements necessary to generating power. 

Sentry is an innovative company responsible for many "Firsts" including:

  •  compact helical coil sample coolers
  •  adjustable ultra high pressure reducers
  •  radiation-shielded sampling stations; and
  •  non-coring needle samplers


1986 - Employee ownership

Company ownership was transferred to the employees through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Today, Sentry is 100% employee-owned. The employee owners of Sentry participate in making continual improvements to our products and processes at every level. This is emphasized in our corporate vision statement: Every Employee an Owner, Every Customer a Commitment.


2002 - Acquired the Dual Heat Transfer Coil

Sentry acquired the product line from Parker–Hannifin Corp. This tube-in-tube heat exchanger expanded Sentry’s offerings of specialty heat exchangers – Sentry now offers sample coolers, spiral tube, custom helical coil and tube-in-tube heat exchangers.


2003 - Acquired Bristol Equipment Company /ISOLOK®

Bristol has a well-respected reputation in the industry for providing unique solutions for the sampling of liquids, slurries and powders/pellets with the ISOLOK® automatic sampler.


2005 - Acquired Gustafson Automatic Samplers

Sentry acquired the product line from Bayer CropScience. The Gustafson sampler line provides sampling solutions for a variety of bulk solids including granules, flakes, powders, pellets and slurries, and serves a range of industries including cement, chemical, plastic, coal, feed/grain, food, dairy and fertilizer. This addition to Sentry’s existing line of manual and automatic samplers for gases, liquids, slurries and bulk solids created the most comprehensive line of products for process sampling applications in the world.


2007 - Built new headquarters building

Due to the above acquisitions and organic business growth, Sentry was bursting at the seams in its previous location. A new site and new building were designed to fit Sentry's needs and in August of 2007 the entire company was relocated to the 62,000 square-foot facility located 3.5 miles from the original, and just off the interstate. 

Summer 2010 - Sentry Acquires AquatiPro™ 

As the need for cycle chemistry instrument sustainability and employee productivity became a key initiative for power plants, Sentry met that need by acquiring AquatiPro . AquatiPro is the only multi-vendor service organization to maintain and support all brands of water quality instrumentation, analyzers and sampling equipment. As many water chemistry departments are discovering, AquatiPro's services are key to helping circumvent the challenges caused by unplanned downtime, maintenance, and repairs related to the water cycle chemistry processes. As a result, power plant chemistry departments and water treatment facilities have experienced an increase in employee productivity and instrument uptime, while seeing a decrease in costs associated with maintaining their equipment.

Fall 2010 - Sentry Acquires Zeck Systems™ 

The addition of Zeck Systems’ products will expand Sentry Equipment’s Process Products and Systems portfolio, as the future looks to natural gas as a key source of energy, and as customers continue to seek out safe, effective methods to improve processes. Zeck Systems provides odorant injection instrumentation to accurately dose natural gas streams throughout various phases of production, transmission and distribution. These odorants belong to a group of organosulfur compounds (i.e., Ethanethiol, Thiophene, etc.) that give gas a distinct scent, per federally mandated safety guidelines.

Spring 2011 - Sentry Acquires Waters Equipment™ 

Sentry acquired Waters from Neptune Chemical Pump Company, Inc.  The addition of the Waters Equipment brand is expected to significantly expand Sentry Equipment Corp’s global portfolio of steam and water sampling products.  Together, the Sentry and Waters product lines will offer the highest degree of expertise related to the application, design and manufacture of sampling systems and products. This will not only ensure the specific needs of each customer and application continue to be met, but will improve the availability of products, engineering expertise and numerous aftermarket services.


Winter 2011 - Acquired North American rights to the Vanko Analytics Limited/In2Process Pty Ltd. autosampler business 

In December 2011, Sentry Equipment Corp acquired the North American rights to the In2Process Pty Ltd and Vanko Analytics Limited autosampler business. The product line includes isolatable automatic samplers for use in liquid and slurry pipelines.

Fall 2013 - Sentry Acquires Accurate Tool Company 

The addition of Accurate Tool’s products is expected to significantly expand Sentry Equipment’s Process Products and Systems portfolio. Accurate Tool makes equipment to monitor corrosion in and extract gas and liquid samples from pipelines. As the U.S. pushes for energy independence, maintaining pipeline integrity is top priority of every pipeline operator. The Accurate Tool acquisition positions us for significant future growth by playing into the U.S. energy boom.

Every Employee an Owner
Every Customer a Commitment



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